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WiFi Now!

Tired of going through an endless number of providers for internet, tv, phone, wireless and home security and getting confused about which one is available in your area and what benefits they offer?

WiFi Now! is a very convenient, hassle free, simple and user friendly app that allows users to review and compare the best internet, tv, phone, wireless and home security service providers in your area today in real time. WiFi Now! is also 100% free to download for unlimited usage. We truly find that it’s a more convenient and innovative way for users to review and compare the best options rather than going to a search engine or other online and offline methods to review and compare a multitude of service options and providers. WiFi Now! is the best companion app you could ask for. All of the best provider’s in your area are at your fingertips!

What Is WiFi Now!?

In one sentence, WiFi Now! is the next step in finding the best and most suitable internet, tv, phone, wireless and home security service providers in your area today. Not everyone has time to go to a website, search for a provider, and spend time checking whether the selected provider is available in their area, or if the benefits offered by that provider match their requirements. This seems like a task that can take a lot of time out of your day, and we know your time is valuable. That is why the WiFi Now! App was created and is here to help you! Within just a few short minutes, you can choose which are the best internet, tv, phone, wireless and home security service providers in your area to choose from.

What Can WiFi Now! Do For You?

WiFi Now! is an application, whose main objective is to provide information about internet, tv, phone, wireless and home security service providers and their services in your area. There are tons of service provider options nationwide that offer a lot of unique services to their customers. Choosing the best one can be a tedious and confusing process. WiFi Now! strives to eliminate the confusing process by providing you the ability to compare services provided by the best service providers in your area today.

How Does WiFi Now! Differ From the Existing Approach?

In the past, it was a bit of a hassle to find a suitable TV or internet service for your home or work. The reason was, to get the best plan, you had to call each and every provider. This involves asking several questions over the phone and genuinely speaking, it can be time consuming. With WiFi Now!, you simply put down the zip code of your area and you will get the available provider’s information along with the services they offer. This eliminates a whole lot of conversation with the providers and saves time and money!

What Kind of Information Does the WiFi Now! App Provide?

WiFi Now! App allows you to enter your zip code and then provides you with a list of the best internet, tv, phone, wireless and home security service providers active in your area. Each provider has their own unique perk and if you want to see what unique benefits are included, you can do that by simply comparing the services of different providers. WiFi Now! provides up to date and detailed information about each service offered by every different provider available in your area which makes it reliable and makes it easy for you to choose the best offers for you!

With the WiFi Now! App, you can review the following service plans:

  • Cable TV Plans
  • Fiber Optic TV Plans
  • Satellite TV Plans
  • High-Speed Cable Internet Plans
  • High-Speed DSL Internet Plans
  • High-Speed Fiber Optic Internet Plans
  • High-Speed Satellite Internet Plans
  • Cable VOIP Digital Home Phone Plans
  • DSL VOIP Digital Home Phone Plans
  • Fiber Optic VOIP Digital Home Phone Plans
  • Satellite VOIP Digital Home Phone Plans
  • Home Security Systems Plans
  • Home Automation Security Systems Plans
  • Wireless Plans
  • And More…

Apart from the services, you can also access the following providers:

Things To Look for When Choosing the Best Service Provider for You

Choosing the right plan comes with considering the following factors:

What is the download and upload speed?
The download speed is responsible for how quickly you can access information online. More download speed means much lower time to access the information. Also, download and upload speed is helpful if you are a content creator. Large files being uploaded to social media at a rapid pace is a no-brainer for your content creation business.

How much internet bandwidth do I need?
Internet bandwidth is the amount of data that you can use. If you are into gaming and streaming high-quality content, it is best to go with a service with a high internet data cap. Some providers also provide unlimited internet bandwidth. You can use the WiFi Now! app’s compare function to check which providers offer unlimited bandwidth at the highest internet speed.

Is the Wi-Fi equipment free?
The next factor to look for is the Wi-Fi equipment. Some providers offer very high internet speed, which requires reliable Wi-Fi equipment. This high-spec Wi-Fi equipment may not be free, but most of the providers do offer free Wi-Fi equipment. You can check by using the compare function.

How much does the service cost?
Lastly, it is crucial to know how much the service costs. You might think, all the latest features and Wi-Fi modems can be expensive but that’s not necessarily the case. Internet service providers offer great features at an affordable price. You can also use the compare function to choose the best plan at an affordable price in your area.

Best Way to Save Money

With WiFi Now!, you can also access the “bundle” offers. Almost all the internet, tv, phone, wireless and home security service providers offer great bundles, with package multiple great features at an affordable price. Bundles are one or more services (for example TV and internet or internet and phone) that are put together at a discounted price. This type of service benefits you to save time and money. These bundles vary depending on the type of service that you want and the providers offering them. You can easily find the bundle information by checking the provider’s information in the app. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much speed is needed for home use?
For watching your favorite TV shows, movies and playing games, it is better to have at least 25-30Mbps of internet speed (per person). That means that on average it is good to have at least 75Mbps to 100Mbps for a household. That way, everyone can enjoy themselves with their favorite TV shows or movies. If you are into gaming and streaming (content creator), a high-speed fiber network is a must (100Mbps) to get the best experience possible.

What to look for in satellite TV providers?
The first thing to look for in a satellite TV provider is the number of channels they offer. Other than the number of channels, you should check for benefits, such as DVR equipment. If these two are present in the package that you are choosing, you should be good to go. It still wouldn’t hurt to check for other elements, such as if the provider offers an app to watch and manage your account using your mobile device. This can help you monitor the status of the TV plan and watch TV on the go.

How do I find the best cable TV or internet provider in my area?
With the WiFi Now! app, you can find the best internet provider in your area by simply putting in the zip code of your area. Then you should be provided with all the internet, tv, phone, wireless and home security service providers in your area with all the necessary information (including the benefits and promotions, if any).

What are the terms and agreements?
The terms and agreements are a set of restrictions or benefits that you are expected to get in your plan. This document contains information about your TV or internet package, information about the policies, and the contract (if any). It is better to read the document with caution. A quick tip: If the contract lasts longer than 24 months, it is better to avoid that contract unless you get a locked-in rate for that time frame. The reason is that the price and benefits are changing and locking into a contract for that long is simply not worth it most of the time.

Final Thoughts:

Wi-Fi Now! lets you review and compare the industry’s best providers offering the most competitive rates, fastest internet speeds, premium channels, best technology, and top customer support. Wi-Fi Now! is the next big thing when it comes to finding internet, tv, phone, wireless and home security service providers. We are living in a world, where everything is moving at a rapid pace. Finding information should be made easy and that is one of the main objectives of WiFi Now!. It enables you to find information about the best internet, TV, phone, wireless and home security service providers easily, and even simplifies the process of upgrading or installing a new service, so you can spend more time with your loved ones, enjoying your entertainment needs.